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Eckhard Oelke:
The Royal Brown Coal Mine Langenbogen (until 1840)

Among the many older brown coal mines once started in the Halle-Eisleben region, the Royal Langenbogen Mine was the best known. It owes its renown above all to two circumstances: the documented mention of its existence in 1691 which, falsely, was taken to be the beginning of brown coal extraction in the Halle-Eisleben region, and to the visit of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on 19 July 1802 which is nothing less than a unique feature for brown coal mines. What Goethe did or said during his brief stay, we do not know. But already a few years earlier, in 1793 - a fact not previously known - the mine had an illustrious visitor who well could be called a Prussian king. Nevertheless, in 1957 Wilsdorf had reason to lament that detailed documentary material about the early period of the Langenbogen Mine was not available. The present article therefore treats for the first time the early phase of the Langenbogen Mine on the basis of archival sources and older secondary literature.