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Manfred Mücke:
Georg Heinrich Wahle -
On the Achievements of a Saxon/German Mining Law Expert

Georg Heinrich Wahle (1854-1934) was one of the most renowned German mining law experts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was in the service of the Kingdom of Saxony and later of the Free State of Saxony. At the end of his professional life in 1922, Wahle was President of the State Court of Auditors of the Free State of Saxony; before that, from 1917, he had filled the same position at the Court of Auditors of the Kingdom of Saxony. He thus held an important office. The State Court of Auditors was a constitutional body (Article 48 of the Constitution of the Free State of Saxony of 1 November 1920). But it seems his true enthusiasm was primarily reserved for mining law and not so much for the review of the state's invoices. For decades, mining legislation in Saxony was closely linked with his name. Moreover, and not unjustly, Georg Heinrich Wahle was considered one of the most important personalities of the Mining Academy of Freiberg.

The article analyses German and Saxon mining law at the time when Wahle lived and explains his understanding of mining law, his opinion on a Reich mining law as well as his views on some legal concepts of Saxon mining law. It also refers to Georg Heinrich Wahle's relationship with other important mining law experts of his time.