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Ulrich Lauf:
Hospitals and Sanatoria of Miners' Welfare Fund in the Ruhr Mining Area until the End of the 1920s

Allgemeiner Knappschaftsverein zu Bochum (miners' welfare fund of Bochum) was established in 1890 for the entire Ruhr area. In contrast to other large benefit societies for miners, it began relatively late to build its own hospitals and sanatoria. The healthcare policy developed against the background of the large wave of immigration to the Ruhr area from the 1880s and after the turn of the century first focused on expanding outpatient care services before constructing technologically advanced hospitals and sanatoria for miners who were ill or suffered from an accident. Though exemplary in many respects and unrivalled, they still did not have undivided support at the time. The article explores the development of the hospitals and sanatoria of the miners' welfare fund in the Ruhr mining area until the end of the 1920s and thus sheds more light on an interesting chapter of the regional medical system.