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Günter B. L. Fettweis:
Why Leoben can proudly call itself a mining town

The town of Leoben in Murtal in the eastern Alps and close to the geographic centre of Austria, has been connected since the Middle Ages with mining and smelting in several respects. If the town of Leoben, happily to an increasing extent, today calls itself a mining town, it not only has many good reasons for doing so, but it can also do this with great pride. The article presents these reasons for the four main areas of mining as the author sees them, i.e. for the mining industry, mining law and the mining authorities, mining culture, and the mining sciences (with the areas of teaching, research and customs). To do this, at first something is said about each of these subjects themselves and then on how Leoben relates to these subject areas. For instance, in order to explain the economic system of the mining industry, the title page of the Kuttenberger Kanzionales is used. The extensive area of mining culture is summarized in ten subheadings for the sake of simplicity.