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Martin Straßburger:
Archaeology and history of mining at Ramsbeck until 1854

Ramsbeck is on the northern fringe of the Sauerland, about 4 km south of Bestwig in the Valme valley, a tributary to the river Ruhr, between Bastenberg (745 m) and Dörnberg (732 m) in the northern Rothaarmountains. The Bastenberg rises southwest of the village. On its eastern slope several mining-relics of different ages are preserved following the oreveins. Geology and oredeposits have been examined by P. Podufal. R. Slotta has published a compilation of the mining-history in his series "Technische Denkmäler in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" in 1983. Local research mainly focused on historical sources is not referring to archaeology. The first archaeological research in the Venetianer-Stollen was done by H. Quiring in 1936. Since 1999 a systematic survey of the mining relics has been carried out in order to get information and material for dating. It is the first detailed archaeological study of a mining district in the Hochsauerland area.