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Malgorzata Labus:
The Geological Association of Upper Silesia

In the following article, several aspects from the activities of the Geological Association of Upper Silesia are presented. Not only the program of excursions organized by this association, but also the reports on them show how professional they were as well as the level of commitment with which geological knowledge was disseminated in Upper Silesia. With the journeys to St. Annaberg and into the region of Krzeszowice and Olkusz, two excursions are reconstructed in detail. Furthermore, this article investigates the aims of the association and its members.

The Geological Association of Upper Silesia, whose aim was to disseminate geological knowledge about Upper Silesia to the broad public, was active between 1924 and 1941. In order to achieve the association's aims, the association organized numerous excursions and, during its meetings, presented many talks about the excursions that had been undertaken. The outings took place in the area from the Sudeten Mountains in the west to Jura Krakowska in the east, from Kreuzburg (Kluczbork) in the north to the Silesian Beskiden (Beskid Slaski) and the Moravian Gate (Brama Morawska) in the south.