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Arnold Hoschützky/Claus Müller:
The share certificates of the Bonner Bergwerks- und Hütten-Verein AG
Image of the influence of the Bleibtreu family in the Bonn region

The Bleibtreus were a family of pioneers in the early industrial age whose considerable influence stretches from the 18th century well up into the 20th century. They originally came from the Rhineland Palatinate, from where Christian Leopold Bleibtreu emigrated to Neuwied together with his son, Carl Philipp, and the rest of his family in 1752. In his account, Stations, Hans J. Breitgraf calls the Bleibtreu family "pioneers of mid-Rhineland industry, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, lawyers, doctors, chemists, mining experts, politicians, parliamentarians".

In view of the large family, the article briefly presents some of them in connection with their activities. After that, the entrepreneurial ventures of the Bleibtreus are analyzed with particular reference to mining activities, in particular with regard to the Bonner Bergwerks- und Hütten-Verein AG (Bonn Mining and Ironworks Association Ltd.) as one of the early joint-stock companies in the mining sector. Finally, there is a detailed appraisal of the company's share certificates regarding what is depicted on them.