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Gerhard Röbke:
The coking of Brazilian coal in beehive ovens for the production of foundry coke

This article is based on a study that was carried out in the framework of Brazilian-German technical collaboration taking stock for a project-study at the beginning of the 1980s on the production of foundry coke from washed products of southern Brazilian gas coal.

In the area around Criciúma in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, the mining was followed by a preliminary separation by means of sorting machines before the pre-washed coal was transported to the central washing plant in Capivari for further processing into the two products, power station coal and coking coal. The fine product resulting from sifting pre-washed coal had its ash content reduced to about 10 per cent by subsequent flotation and a centrifuge process, and was used as coal for various types of beehive ovens. When the state coal subsidies for coking coal ran out, mining in the state of Santa Catarina more or less stopped in the 1990s.