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Siegfried Müller/Rainer Slotta:
Plans for a future mining museum in El Teniente copper-ore mine near Rancagua in Chile

In 2003, the German Mining Museum Bochum and CODELCO have signed a treatment of cooperation in several fields. One of these fields of cooperation is the planning and conceptioning of an underground mining museum on the fifth level of the El Teniente copper-ore mine near Rancagua in the south of Santiago de Chile.

The proposals of the German Mining Museum Bochum are described in this contribution, its aim is to maintain as much as possible of the today existing material and surrounding in a way that the conditions of working and living could be preserved for future generations. Only a few items to declare the work in a producing ore-mine should be added to widen the view and the knowledge of the visitors.

Included in the future visitor's mine are some events like a ride in the original mining train and the walk through the miner's town of Sewell with its magnificent buildings and installations beside the central staircase.