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Eva-M. Pasche:
"Au contraire" - Industrial Landscape and Natural Countryside
An Art Project by Erwin Grosse

In his project "Au contraire", the painter and sculptor, Erwin Grosse, has dedicated himself to creating works of art from relicts of the coal, iron and steel industry whose history should not be forgotten in our fast-moving times when the old historical locations have been put to new - often completely different - uses. His project is an energy-packed contrast of objects from nature and industry, opposites which attract each other. In a poetic and harmonious manner, he depicts the Aachen, Ruhr and Rhine lignite mining districts. The intensity of his vivid colorite, the gestural brush strokes and the concentrated materiality of his hand-mixed high-gloss synthetic resin oil paints as well as his deep experience of nature combine to produce the great atmospherically charged effect of the "au contraire" project.