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Stefan Niederhagemann:
Reactivation of Prosper 2 Malakow Tower in Bottrop

Malakow towers play a special part in historical monuments of the Ruhr area. Before steel structures prevailed at pitheads, numerous bricklined towers were built in the early days of industrialisation in Europe. 14 of them still exist in the Ruhr region. Increased technical requirements soon made conversion work necessary, as a result of which some towers were given a steel structure. The Malakow tower over the former Prosper 2 mine in Bottrop is today the only example in the Ruhr region of a fully preserved tower with headgear installed. After its closure in 1987, various ideas were considered for reactivating the tower, but the funds available were never sufficient. In 1997, the German Mining Museum (DBM) in Bochum was requested to draw up documentation on the tower irrespective of its use. On this basis it proved possible to develop a rehabilitation concept that was supported by the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Emscherpark and implemented by the DBM. Since April 2004 the tower has been used as a site for various events.