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Harald Kofler:
Ore Mining and the Mining Industry at Gossensass in Southern Wipptal (South Tyrol)
From the Early Days to the Late Middle Ages

The article deals with ore mining in the southern Wipptal valley in South Tyrol. First, it is discussed whether this mining is of prehistoric origin, a large stone with mysterious symbols at a pit entrance in Pflerschertal known as "Hell" playing a key role. Then general writings referring to this mining are looked at and the role of the Brixen bishops examined for the 12th and 13th centuries. While sources for the 14th century are sparse, the author is able to deal in more detail with mining from the early 15th century onwards as this is documented far better. Links with the emerging Schwaz mining are of interest in this context. Finally, the recruitment of miners from the Gossensass-Sterzing mining court by a Russian legation in 1489 is discussed.