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Ioan Dordea:
Historical Mining at Rosia Montana and its Social Facilities in the 19th Century

The Rosia Montana deposit is regarded as one of the most important gold concentrations in Romania and indeed Europe and has long been known worldwide for its extraordinary specimens of native gold. A study on the history and development of the Rosia Montana (Alburnus Major) locality and mining site suggests itself, especially for the purpose of paying tribute to the history and development of this town (German: Goldbach, Hungarian: Verespatak) widely noted in the mining world.

Moreover, there are extensive archives comprising documents and photographs of great value, which exclusively concern mining in Rosia Montana and provide detailed information on economic, social and cultural conditions as well as the traditions and customs of this area's inhabitants. Above all, the article examines the legal and social conditions of mining at Rosia Montana during the 19th century.