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Manfred Hauche:
The use of mechanical and electronic data processing in the Mansfeld copper slate mining region between 1928 and 1992

From 5 December 1999 to 23 October 2000 the people of Mansfeld, particularly the miners and metallurgical workers, celebrated the 800th anniversary of the start of Mansfeld copper slate mining and metal-working toegterh with many friends and guests. The club, Verein Mansfelder Berg- und Hüttenleute e.V., in Lutherstadt Eisleben, marked this anniversary by publishing a book entitled "Mansfeld. The history of the mining and metallurgical industries" in co-operation with the German Mining Museum in Bochum. The authors agreed that the book should focus on the development of mining and metallurgical technology. Therefore some other areas were not mentioned although they would have provided some interesting developments to recount here, too.
One such area is the former computer centre. Today, in a time when business operations are recorded, processed and presented with the aid of efficient electronic data processing equipment and modern computer technology, it is fascinating to look back to the old machines used for keeping accounts and the rapid development of mechanisation to present-day computers. The following documentation is to be regarded as an additional contribution to the history of the Mansfeld mining and metallurgical industry in the 20th century.