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Eva-M. Pasche:
"Entfaltung", the Unfolding of the City of Bochum
A Sculpture by Karl-Henning Seemann

The sculptor Karl-Henning Seemann, who was born in Wismar in 1934 and lives and works in Löchgau (Baden-Württemberg), created a monumental work of art entitled "Entfaltung" (unfolding) on behalf of the foundation of the Bochum Sparkasse. The approx. 3.5 m bronze sculpture was mounted on an 80 cm layered stone plinth and placed in the square in front of the new Sparkasse building in Massenbergstrasse in 1999.
The statute looks like a sheet of pictures which is folded both horizontally and vertically and unfolds more and more towards the top, disclosing scenes from the history of the town of Bochum. The artist concentrated on the development of industry and the economy, art and culture as well as science in the reliefs and sculptures which he modelled into the sculpture. The rapid rise of the city depicted on the front of the statue is followed by its fall through war and destruction on the back.

The following article describes the historical sequences and their artistic reproduction by Karl-Henning Seemann in the context of the work of art as a whole.