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Christoph Bartels:
The tunnels in the Harz ore mining region compared with the Fuchs tunnel

Starting with an overview of the deposits and mining in the Harz region, the article first analyses the fundamental importance of tunnel mining in this region. The Harz was always a region rich in water resources where the deposits reached deep down into the ground at a steep incline. Ground water was soon hit during mining operations. Apart from other functions, the construction of tunnels was also of major importance for exploring and developing deposits for mining. As ore was mined from increasing depths, a whole network of tunnels was built one above the other, often stretching for many kilometres.
In the following article, the tunnels in the Harz region are described from the Middle Ages through the Early New Age to the beginning of industrialisation and assessed in comparison to the Fuchs tunnel. Particular mention is made of the Tiefen Georg tunnel and the Ernst August tunnel.