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Gerhard Lehmann:
"Fine Mining Porcelain".
Supplementary information on an exhibition

With its over 400 exhibits, the "Fine Mining Porcelain - Mining Scenes in White Gold" exhibition, which closed its doors in Bochum in the autumn of 1999 after previously being shown in Dresden and Düsseldorf, must have been one of the most important exhibitions ever held on this subject. The exhibition not only contained an abundance of new information about the connections between the mining industry and porcelain but also triggered further research into the subject.
The article is a review of the exhibition. It deals with supplementary and new information which it was not possible to provide in time for the opening of the exhibition due to unexpected research difficulties at museums, auctioneers' and porcelain manufacturers'. It also describes above all the work of miners and foundry workers for the Meissen porcelain factory, special questions concerning porcelain painting and the Kaendler figures, the most famous mining figures ever produced by the Meissen porcelain factory.